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Internet. History and facts

Internet. History and facts

The Internet was coded in 29 October 1969. In 2010 a team of American scientists held a vey important experiment. One scientist were required to leave from the others for 640 kilometers then he tried to view a personal pc which was launched when one enters the command „LOGIN „.On the earliest attempt to connect failed so as the network eliminate, for „LO” reached the computer. However in the second attempt still succeeded get remote access. This date is considered as a state day’s creation the Internet. For 20 years the Internet may be the growth of a group of scientists who have not admit it. Why? They could not find a good use. Only in 90-ies of XX century the Internet did start to actively develop! The bandwidth was really small considering that the electronic network was without a unique channel of data transmission. In those days television and radio wave repeaters were used. The Internet was extremely slow.

The Internet today

This can be a new century. The Internet is now a fundamental piece of everyday life. For most of us the Internet has developed into window of expertise and communication. With thanks to the World-Wide Web can certainly establish contacts with individuals, distance between which 1000s of kilometers. That may get in touch with astronauts who it is at Earth orbit. However the Internet have their own downsides. Often throughout the Internet terrorists who intend to commit a terrorist attack are performing a dialogue. Therefore (depending on the country) the Internet could be free or not. Don’t apprehensive! For those who encounter censorship you are able to work with a VPN or proxy.
Recently the most common is Deeprism. This is usually a free VPN that was created by civic activist Pavel Grata. This VPN has gotten many positive ratings. You may also makes use of the Deeprism Proxy extension for Google Chrome. Each computer attached to the network, assigned an exclusive IP address. Utilizing a VPN, you change IP and discover yourself in another country. To help you to outwit your state.


If to go back to article then i’d like to say: many of us have created a virtual universe that passes through there is a colossal quantity of information. Therefore, there is no need to limit it! The free Internet creates a complimentary community. And this is very important! Everybody wants to reside in a totally free world where democracy flourishes!